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While the city of Livingston is known more for its tourism friendly nature, this has not deterred us from replicating the Casino Marina experience right in the heart of Zambia. The rush of accomplishment. A glass of premium whisky. Some experiences are etched in our very bones.

Casino Marina attempts to encompass all the good things in life into an evening you will never forget. We use every tool in the box to ensure you can live or relive the best experience of your life and that experience remains constant wherever you go.


Roulette and Baccarat Private Gaming Lounges

The true patrons know that Casino Marina values hospitality above all else. That is why we have a dedicated Roulette room and a dedicated Baccarat room for our VIP guests looking for a more personalized experience.

Complete with its own lounge, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, private bar and several private gaming tables, we welcome all casino enthusiasts to experience the excitement of 5-star gaming at Casino Marina.

For more details about our private gaming lounges,contact us today!



Our promise of an international experience extends to everything, including the wide variety of beverages from around the world. Craving that one special drink/cocktail that’s not on the menu? Speak with our professional bartender. We’ll do our best to get the taste profile you’re looking for.

The bar offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; refreshing cocktails, bright wines, dusky spirits, and local beers. Even micro-brewery beers which are usually rare elsewhere can be found in our bar.

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You will always find Casino Marina, Your Winning Destination at up-and-coming major tourist or business hotspots of a nation. Casino Marina Lusaka extends the essence of Casino Marina's prestige, captured from the rolling golden beaches of Sri Lanka's shores globally, filling the voracious appetite everyone has for winning. Casino Marina is a registered trademark of Rank Entertainment Holdings' international operations. All rights reserved.

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